Cosy Toes this Christmas.

Some people want a white Christmas, some people want a Christmas filled with good food and even better booze but all I want for Christmas is to be cosy whilst surrounded by family.

As the Winter nights set in and the temperature drops there is nothing better than getting home, lighting a fire and slipping into warm nightwear. The most important part for me is always the slippers, after all there’s no point being all wrapped up but having blue tootsies!

This Christmas Morlands Glastonbury have gifted me the most beautiful sheepskin slippers which are sure to keep me toasty this winter.


Morlands Glastonbury – Lea Ladies Sheepskin Slipper (Chestnut) £49.00

New for this season the Lea slipper revives a classic style, an open back mule which allows you to quickly slip them on for instant comfort and warmth. The slippers are traditionally lined with the finest sheepskin, featuring a plush-thick collar for extra luxury and indulgence. As the Lea features a rubber sole it allows flexibility and durability for all day wear and the classic suede in rich colours (Chestnut, Rose, Navy and Mocha) creates a refined look for long-lasting style.

Morlands Glastonbury – Lea Ladies Sheepskin Slipper (Chestnut) £49.00

Since the first pair were created in 1825 from sheepskin off-cuts, Morlands Glastonbury have been creating beautiful products which have stood the test of time for over 150 years. The company is renowned for it’s Heritage and Contemporary Range of both male and female slippers, there really is a style to suit every taste.

Morlands Glastonbury – Lea Ladies Sheepskin Slipper (Chestnut) £49.00

So, this Christmas whether you are looking for a great gift to show a loved one how much you care or you simply want to feel cosy by the fire then you need look no further than the stylish and beautifully crafted Morlands Glastonbury slippers.


Morlands Glastonbury – Lea Ladies Sheepskin Slipper (Chestnut) £49.00



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